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Damp Removal - Leichhardt | Sydney

Excessive dampness and condensation in the home can cause damage to your possessions and complications for your health.

Homevent Pty Ltd has almost two decades worth of experience in identifying, removing, and preventing damp and mould in Sydney and the surrounding areas.

From Mosman to Chatswood, if you’re dealing with dampness and want to find a proper ventilation solution for your home, you won’t find anyone better suited to help keep your house properly protected than Homevent Pty Ltd.

If you’re ready to work with the ventilation experts to improve the air quality of your home and make it healthier to live in, then call Homevent Pty Ltd today for an absolutely free in-home assessment.

Damp Removals Sydney, Mould Removal Chatswood, Floor Ventilation Bondi Mould Removal Leichhardt, Damp Removals Sydney, Ventilation Castle Hill

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Home Ventilation - From Mosman to Bondi

The following are some of the high quality services that Homevent Pty Ltd are proud to provide:

  • Damp Removal
  • Mould Removal
  • Ventilation
  • Sub Floor Ventilation
  • Mould Cleaning & Prevention
  • Air Purification Treatments
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections
  • Home Ventilation

We are available for consultations and appointments between 8am and 6pm Monday to Saturday.

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Ventilation - From Castle Hill to Chatswood

Get rid of any damp or mould in your home and make the air safer and cleaner to breathe. For a great value and experienced service, you won’t find anyone better prepared to solve all of your ventilation problems than Homevent Pty Ltd.

To organise a free in-home assessment of your property with the fully qualified and fully licenced professionals at Homevent Pty Ltd, get in touch with us today on 1300 577 777.

Ventilation Castle Hill, Damp Removals Leichhardt, Mould Removal Chatswood Floor Ventilation Chatswood, Ventilation Castle Hill, Damp Removals Leichhardt


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Contact Homevent Pty Ltd today for a fully licensed and fully qualified damp removal specialist. Call us on 1300 577 777.

Or request a quote and call-back from one of our customer service representatives by heading to the contact us page and filling out an online enquiry form.

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